Rule And Guideline

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Rule And Guideline

Post  CilliaClaraford on Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:24 pm

No Cursing
Unless you curse for fun not making war.

No Adult Content
One Hundred Percent Absolutely No.

No Spamming

No Flaming
Respect your fellow forum members.

No Grave Digging
Unless you are the original poster with updated information

No Double Post

No Bumping
You are only allowed to bump no more than three times.

No Advertising
Advertising is not allowed unless it is discussed with the forum founder and an agreement to be made, if not, the topic/post will be deleted and might result in a infraction/ban. Your signature is the only place where you can advertise.

No Multiple Accounts
You may not create more than one account on . If you do, your account will be deleted and you may end up being permanently banned.

Failure to comply with Cillia Claraford rule will result in infractions and/or ban.

This thread will be updated when necessary.

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