Making It To My Original

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Making It To My Original

Post  CilliaClaraford on Sun May 17, 2009 5:01 pm

Wanna make your selected file to mine ^_^

File Stand For Either Anime Music Video,Machinima or Fanart

IF So Please Agree To This Term

1. Please Gratefully Provide Me The File

2. You Should Allow Me To Put My Watermark Since It Is Gonna Be Mine Pardon Me If I Sound Kinda Rude

3. Please Do The Changes I Ask To The File

4. I'll Give You The Credit By Linking Your Register User Name To Your Personal Cillia Claraford Profile Once The Site I'm Working On Is Completed ^_^

5. I'm Sorry But You Must Remove The File From An Existing Site Or Just Ask Me To Send You A File With The Watermark And Then Re Upload That .....


* To submit just message me with the file if I like it we can make a deal and i'll upload it to my working on site once it is completed
* The site will be similar to this only in anime form with couple more feature but rule are different


* If your file does good and bring good traffic I might hire you
* you might be known in my site as a talented special member

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